Coach, team management, scouting will judge whether it is suitable for your own team according to the data tested by the athletes, and discharges priority, and takes a reference. It can be said that the training camp has a certain degree of impact on the selection of the athletes and the high salary.

Dariel Rewick: I paid all the jet

Beijing July 25th, in 11 seasons, Narrelle Revis has turned four teams, but rather than pirates (2013), Cheap Jerseys From China Patriot (2014) and Chief (2017) For the deepest life, he is the New York jet (2007-2012, 2015-2016).

Every year, the rookie training camp will invite 335 athletes to participate, these athletes are voted by the training camp committee, about 250 athletes will receive the invitation before the finals of the university league, while the lower grade athletes will be mid-January Receive a notification.

Relevant persons revealed that Stegis plans to choose the team after the start of the team training camp. But some experts said that Stegis injured or will lead to his loss of main position, even lost work. As early as a last season, there is a media to question the hit rate and stability of Stegis, and its career is only 77.5%.

On Thursday, in an interview, Greg Williams said that many people didn’t realize that the ankle injury has huge impact on Kunnan-Williams. After the latter is now restored, Greg Williams believes that the young defensive dish can play more excellent in the new season.

Dolphin kicks Stunz injured

Miami Dolphin Kicksha Kales — Sturgis is attempting to hurt in the legs in a play. The local media took the lead in reporting this news and revealed that Stegis would take at least 2 to 3 weeks. Subsequently, the news is also confirmed and said he will not participate in the remaining training programs.

Rewicks used to make the devil who gave the opponent’s quarterly. He was selected for a while in the 2009-2011 season, and a professional bowl was selected in the 2008-2011 season. He has a total of four ALL-PROs in his career. In each game, Rewick is facing the most powerful faculty, including but not limited to Randy Moss, Andre Johnson, Steve Smith (Steve Smith), Terrell Owens, Chad Johnson and Reggie Wayne, but he rarely made the opponent’s attacked.

The team originally requested Shi Shiz to prove that he can do better, but this time I encountered the injury to disrupted the team and his own plan, there is not much time to leave him. Since the new season’s additional shot door distance will be adjusted farther, the team needs to play the game more stable. Stegis needs to rehabilitate as soon as possible and find a way to stay in the team.

Pelton hints in an interview that CJ Spiller will take more responsibility in the future: «We have the opportunity to see what he can do. He will play an important role in the attack, of course Tim-Sea This is true of Tim Hightower. «

Looking back all the career, Rewis did not regret, he said: «I feel that I have already built trees. Every game gives me a lot of pressure, my goal is not only the best corner, but Become the best players on the field, this motivation has prompted me to advance. I enjoy my career, I have paid all for this green white jersey. «

NFL Alliance New Show Training Camp

The nfl jerseys Rookie Training Camp is a player showcase in the Indianapolis Lucas Oil Stadium, held every year in February. The university athletes should show their physical quality and mind before the NFL team coach, the team management, and the scout.

Saint Coao: Spiel will get a chance

The New Orleans Saint Run Marker-Inderam is underground on Tuesday, and the season ends in advance. Sen Payton, said that the team needs other running guards to take more responsibility after Lami Robinson and Enghere.

[Event Briefing] Regular season 16th week: 3 sheets of the playoffs!

The 16th week of the regular season ended, and the quota of the playoffs was set. The two places have not been determined, and only 6 seeds left in the country is still determined.

Spitle is troubled by injuries this season, and there is not much opportunity. On Wednesday, Spil said that he had been prepared to be a team’s backfinder: «I think I have such an ability. The team hopes that someone will stand up, I will work hard. Can I help the team, Can you express it efficient, this is what I am thinking now. «This week, the opponent of Saints will be Tampawan pirate.

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