Titan took over Heaten again

Tennessee Titan loses people this week, in the game of the Carolina Black Leopard, the young external hand Justin Hunter, will absent all the remaining competitions in the 2015 season.

Cherlas gave a 16 game for Pony in 2013, but the Performance of Cheriffus last season has caused him to play 13 games. According to the data given by Profootball Focusing Website (ProfootballFocus), in the 84 offensive cut off, Cherlaus is only in the 70th place in the qualified entry ranking.

If Chiller is signed with the lion, he will be his second time, he has spent five seasons at the Detroit. Bill urgently needs to supplement the front line, Cherlas in Chileles, Seantrel Henderson, Seantrel Henderson and Cyrus Kouandijo, in the current team. A trip. But the biggest problem is the extent to which Chileles’s knee is restored.

According to NFL’s famous reporter Ian Rapoport, Allen hopes to return to Saint Payton, who is hoping with senior defensive consultants. Allen has gained a wild horse in the success of our season, and became the defensive coordinator of the wild horse in 2011. This return is also quite interesting, because once the current Saint team defensive coordinator, Bob Ryan is still unable to improve the team’s defensive quality, Allen may always take this position at any time.

Super bowls are expected to return to Saints

After helping the New Orleans saints won the super bowl in 2010, the Saint-Party Assistant coach Dennis Allen Allen left the team and transferred to the Denver wild horse team and the Auckland raid team, but recently had news. It is said that Allen is infinitely close to the Saint.

Cherlas will connect to Bill and Lions

According to Ian Rapoport, the current Indianapolis pony offensive cutainee in front of the free players will be at this Wednesday. Viscribe to Buffalo, and negotiated with the Detroit lion on weekends.

According to NFL official website reporters, Hunt will experience a long recovery period, which is the second serious injury he encountered after experiencing kidney injury. At this game, he completed 4 batches in front of the injury, and pushed 47 yards. As a team of No. 4, Hurat hit the main injury, and completed 22 battles during this season, the 264 yard is accompanied by anger.

«I want them really think I am the best player in the election. I really feel that I am, I feel in the body test, in my show day, and what I want me to show or need to show anything When I am capable, I can continue to show it, I will continue to show this. «

Cowboy defensive disappearance Presses enter the injury reserve list

Cowboy Defensive Diagonal Brian PRICE will receive knee surgery on Tuesday. On Monday, Jason Garrett confirmed that Ples would enter the injury reserve list.

He is considered to be the best player in the quality of this year. If the Mississippi University attack is flexible, Laremy Tunsil is flexible, and Ramsse may be the best candidator recognized this year. Ramse is the ability of corner, safety and slot, and the ability to guard and MDash; & mdash; and do excellent & mdash; & mdash; let him value in the alliance that is now attaching to attack.

The former Florida University defensive defender wants to be a championship because he believes that he is the best player in the draft. «This is something I have always,» said Rams. «This is my goal, I want them to pick me because they know that I am the best player in this year’s draft instead of I am from Tennessee.» That is just a tidth. «

At the beginning, everything looks smooth and smooth: take a big banknote to play the ball & mdash; & mdash; you have to know that I have never received a penny salary before entering the league. In the first 20 years of life, I have never considered the money, everything in my mind is a football. Since junior high school, my only goal is to enter Wholesale nfl Jerseys, and every minute of my youth is working tirelessly.

With a height of 6 feet, Ramsse, 209 pounds, of course, to prove that he is one of the best players in the country in a three-year college career. He selected the best lineup in many institutions, three degrees in the United States, and won 23 destroyed passes, forcing the ball forcing the ball, 3 times to copy the ball and 5 times.

Whether you know the geography of Kansas and Missouri & hellip; & hellip; you must know how Nb is running at the emirate attack. In the few years I was selected, the Emirates’ running offensive, with the data of Priest Holmes and Larry Johnson annually exploded. Although I am fortunate to be selected, I am really thinking: Really, the chief needs me to play?

«Of course!» I can’t think about it. After we hang up a few words, we hang up the phone, and my family is in anxiously waiting for the results. When I hang up the phone shouting: «I want to go to the chief!» When they revealed the eyes of the children who care for children, smashed the head and looked at me: «Not B & Hellip; & Hellip «

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