After the end of the fourth week, the team head coach Todd Bora, «may be adjusted in the four-point guard.» But Kino-Smith is certainly not a backup choice, his occupation Career 27 times reached 35 cases of copies, the second year of the four-point Weibo Petty is obviously too tender, New Xiu Cristian — Hawakberi Hackenberg’s training camp is poor.

Steel people 卫 卫 — Hayden will go all out to train

Last season, Joe Haden’s arrival is one of the biggest accidents of steel people. He used to be a hornwood in the same partner Brown, but due to injuries and salary issues, Brown chose to cut him.

Hayden is 29 years old, is a tail number of career golden period. He used to be the top ten guards in the Alliance, but the injury hindered its development. In the 2017 season, he played 11 games, completed 1 copy and 7 times destroyed passed. In the last year of Brown, he played 13 games and completed 11 times to destroy the ball, 3 copies.

According to the Cheap Nfl Jerseys NetWork reporter Ian Rapoport, the Saint will renewart with the External Hand Blanter-Coleman. Previously, the Saints did not choose to use the bidding contract to Coleman, and Coleman had the opportunity to sign any team.

«For me, this sort of thing would be handled by someone else,» Macho Williams said at a news conference after the Super Bowl. «Obviously I want to stay long at the Emirates, and I understand that. I want to win a lot of games here, for me, these things go with the flow. I am in a great team. I have a good the team worked for me, so for me is trust other people, to find the best way to complete the contract and let me have the best teammates, complete the contract at any appropriate time. «

Texans Kelao Ni, 49 Gould will not participate in mini-camp

Beijing June 11 hearing on Monday US time, according to NFL Network correspondent reports, Texans defensive end Jared Vian — Kelao Ni (Jadeveon Clowney), 49 people kicker Robbie — Gould (Robbie Gould) two current tag team of players under contract will not participate in mini-camp.

Ke Laoni previously by not participating in voluntary off-season training show his attitude. Texans coach — Bill O’Brien (Bill O & rsquo; Brien), said: «I believe that they themselves would be JD training, must also be prepared to make the state of his return to the team.»

He handed over 255 yards of pass, 38 pass 25, and a miraculous pass to reach, no copy. All this could not overcome the steel man, but it was a clear progress for a four-point guard that came out of the past 2 weeks.

«I do not know, I did not think. I still love what I do,» Reid said. «I have a young quarterback here, so every day life easier for a lot of teams I’d love to come to work every day and know that you can have the opportunity to coach him and his teammates (general manager) Brett. — Albion ( Brett Veach) to understand how to win, and understand what kind of people we like to work together. so he introduced such a person and I enjoy coaching. so here I really did not want to retire. «

«There is no problem with the groin, the knees are very good, I am very healthy.» Hayden said, «I can participate in the complete sniper training, the training method of the past two years and the difference I want. I will go all out this year. Upper and previous methods. «

Cleveland Brangnikikikiki (Nick Chubb) became the best offensive player of the United States. In the game competition, his punch performance helps the team in the 40-25 defending partition opponent Baltimore Crow. The second grade running guards gave 165 yards 3 times. He has helped Brown’s leading in the 2nd Red District of the third quarter, and his 88-code battle in the fourth quarter helped the team to lock the victory. This is the first time I got the best honor for the first time.

When in April, there have been reports Kelao Ni and Texans both sides signed a desire about, but the problem was the general manager Bryan — Gein (Brian Gaine) has now been forced to pack up and leave. Acting General Manager — Chris Olsen (Chris Olsen) has no power to renew unknown.

Quarterback Patrick — Macho Holmes: Want to long-term effectiveness of the Emirates

Super Bowl once again proved Patrick — status Macho James (Patrick Mahomes) in the NFL. The 24-year-old Kansas City Chiefs quarterback is the second youngest in the history of the championship starting quarterback, but also the MVP of the Super Bowl champion and the youngest player.

49ers coach Kyle — Shanahan (Kyle Shanahan), said: «We understand the decision he did not want to stay here long-term, he clearly expressed his intention, but we also know that the team we have used the label & hellip. ; & hellip; I think these words have made it very clear. «

Macho combination of Williams and Reed could mean the Chiefs will continue to maintain long-term competitiveness. Reed led the chiefs of seven years, the Chiefs are a frequent visitor to the playoffs. But before Macho James became the starting quarterback, the chief playoffs in five games to win only one game. And in Williams led Macho, Emirates won 4 of 5 playoff games, ALCS 2 consecutive years.

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