«According to our imagination, it is possible to complete the renewal, but imagine & mdash; & mdash; I will always use this word: If you want to think, you look like a silly thinking,» Hayward said in an interview. «I need to prepare for two results. I want to stay here in the rest of my career, I think I can continue to dedicate high-level performance many years.»

Hayward has entered the final year of the contract, he said that both sides have conducted some initial discussions, but there is no negotiation for some time. Although this did not change his wish that he wanted to leave, Hayward said that he was ready for the end of the result.

Hayward was selected for a while in the last season, this is the second time he won this honor for the second time. He obtained 83 hugs last season, 9 kills, once forced the ball and grab the ball right.

Steelman defensive end Haiver: Want to stay, but also prepare for the passing team

Pittsburgh Stebeston’s Defensive Demond Melon — Hayward (Cameron Heyward) said that he would be very willing to renew in the team, but the negotiation of the negotiation has never truly launched.

Celebrating the Centennial Centennial Package will distribute home grass seeds to fans

Beijing July 16th, Many Green Bay packaging fans have expressed their support for the team through a cheese-shaped headdress. Now they have the opportunity to collect another thing to prove their packaging fans identity.

Krady immediately became the first player in the rookie season, just in the rookie season, he just got 0.5 times. This four-degree selection of professional bowls, two-degree, one of the best lineups, a player in his career is one of the best left disaggings of the league.

«I see two things cheap nfl Jerseys From china Ryan, who is one of his understanding of the offense he was very proficient basis for the attack, which allows him to move on and second on his experiences over the past three years has been — Tom…. Bray Di (Tom Brady) on the bench, allowing him to learn a lot. when huddle, when playing a practice game, he was able to find a small group of offensive problems. I’d love to see him continue to grow. «

Krifi was selected by Denver Mushan in the first round of 2008, and he was effective for the wild horse for 8 years. His last season he was a New York jet, and finally due to shoulder injury was placed in the injury reserve list.

According to Green Bay local media reports, the package will hold a grand celebration ceremony on August 11th to celebrate the century of the team, including the hooded seeds of the Maibao Stadium in the free distribution.

Before this transaction is completed, Wright and Bulinza may be cut off when the team lay offers to 75 people. Despite the two people in the new team, they cannot be guaranteed to be able to stay, this transaction makes the two more opportunities to compete for the quotation.

The Viking Boss Self-confident team is in the upstream of competition

In the past eight days, Minnesota still did not successfully walked out of the shadow of Viking people. Taxi drivers, restaurant owners and sports broadcast hosts are still lamenting that they have not entered the super bowl, and the imagination should belong to this time atmosphere.

But Crady’s career was hurt. In 2013, he was only played for 2 games due to the injury of the squat. He was absent from the knee cross ligament to tear the entire 2015 season. He was only played in 9 games last season.

Former Houston Oil Personal Catholic Bontham Phillips (Bum Phillips) lost to the steel man in 1979, also said that there was a similar saying: «A year ago, we sounded the big door of the super bowl. This year, we are I’ve been beaten this door. In the next year, we will don’t recognize it. «

Texans coach: Ma Leite is getting better

Houston Texans head coach — Bill O’Brien (Bill O & rsquo; Brien) on Friday said the team backup quarterback Ryan — Ma Leite (Ryan Mallett) has made great progress. Texans before the start of the season to give Ma Leite transactions with the New England Patriots. O’Brien believes the Patriots experience can help Ma Leite better understanding of the team offensive play.

The lion sent a replacement player Kelle Brindza as an exchange. Bulinza will have a short chance to compete for the pirate player. Pirates are still playing in the rotation trial player, and they signed the old connor barth last week.

The lions have been seeking to replenish Brandon Pettigrew and the first round of Eric — Eric Ebron, in 2014. Height 6 feet 7-inch red zone passed the goal of Joseph Fauria, which has been close to the third, but it is difficult to maintain health and do not have a lot of performance in the preseason.

O’Brien said: «He really work very seriously his weekly training have very good results, we are very good evaluation of his attention and he now needs to practice passing skills, to ensure accuracy is to train every day. foundation. he was born with a very good arm, every pass he can listen to our proposal, which makes him even better. every time he would come early train back very late every game, he on the sidelines we have provided great help to us. «

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