It is reported that the Mother of Rewis is on Saturday but did not go out on Sunday night. However, they didn’t know that Revis’s admission ticket was only in admission, and the patriot didn’t know before Saturday. Rewick’s travel plan. Rewick’s mother took the ring until Monday morning. The team’s team office got a ring.

Whether it is interested, Marshall’s dressing room in this season has triggered a great controversy. At the beginning, it was 45 minutes. The press conference was silent, then attended the NFL program every week, there were boxing, etc. The performance on the field is full of injuries, counting only 61 codes and 8 times a 721 yards and 8 times.

Cherlus said: «He is now in trouble now. His match is high, which will become the main problem in the future. I have experienced the same injury, but I am a offensive front line. Players, our roles have a different need for each body. He will fall into the predicament, I really. «

«I feel unbelievable when I see her in the first time. I am proud of her. I am grateful to her life,» J. J. Watt said. «Now is half a bit of bitterness. She participated in the game in Utah, but they were in the isolation zone. So I can’t see her, he can’t see me, so we can’t see each other. So, for me Seeing that she kicker is one of my favorite things, I love to see her playing, I love to see what she loves to do things & mdash; & mdash; I have to give up actually seeing her, see her. This is a bitter feeling, but I have always love to see her playing, she looks great. This is very interesting. I believe me, I can’t think about it again at the end of the month. «

Considering that the first bear team has no main manager, if this decision is that it is probably the president Ted Phillips or the chairman George McCaskey proposed by GEORGE MCCASKEY NS. Once the new general manager takes office, his first thing should be to determine the approach of Marshall before March 1.

Message: Reway Mother has not been invited by Patriots

US Sunday night, the new England patriot boss Robert Kraft held the team’s superbell ring in his own home, but one of the most important members of the 2014 season failed to participate.

Tribur 670 channel According to the Internal news of the Chicago Bear Team, the team has decided to be brought to Marshall. In the report, the bear team has not officially appointed the general manager, so it is unable to accept the interview on this matter.

Ponbi has been selected for the second time in January, the original contract is about to expire, and the total value of his new season contract is 5.2.15 million US dollars, including $ 22 million in the guarantee.

Last season, I returned to the stadium last season. Pondon was transferred to the center position from the original front striker, and the offensive line of his command has contributed 4045 yards, as well as the first running guard completed more than 1000 The data advanced by the code.

When Texas came to Crawni, he expect him to defeat Cherus in the next few years, put pressure on Andrew Lucks. But now, Claien’s goal should first be rehabilled from injuries. Cherlus provides some experience: «He must wait until complete recovery, must be complete. At that time, the doctor told me that I could rehabilitate after 12 months, but I decided to play after 9 months. The results prove that this is A wrong decision, I have to rest for 6 weeks. You must think about your career, you must learn to communicate with the team, think about yourself. But no matter how it said, this is really difficult. «

The speech before Darrel Levis has led to his absence, and Cheap Jerseys the star angle guard has flew to Boston to participate in the ruthenium, but according to reporters. Message, Rewick’s mother fails to enter the site because party invites players and staff.

Participating in the parade not only has a chief player, coach and team, and some players who have won the superbown champion for the chief. These include line Wili-Lenier and Bobby Bell. The two did not participate in the super bowl at the time, because the two were prepared for the AFL All-Star game in Houston.

Pony offensive cut off: surgery will let Claien into trouble

JADEVEON CLOWNEY has confirmed that it will take 9 months due to knee surgery. Before this week, the Indianapolis Triadou Gosder Cherilus said that Crawni even wounded, and it is also very likely to fall into long-term struggle. Cherlus has experienced the same injuries. As an experience, his words have a certain reference value.

In the voices of the fans «MVP», quartervana PATRICK Mahomes published a championship. «When I started your career in Kansas City, the first thing I did to do was to bring Ramar Hunter Cup to Kansas City, bringing back to this team,» Mahms said. «The second important thing I want to do is to win Long Badi Cup for the greatest coach Andy Rid (Andy Reid).»

J.J. Watt: Look at the wife in the distant participation

In the American Wednes, the US Watsukina is courageous in the face of Northern Carolina, which is unsatisfactory, Kei Alia Watt and Chicago Red Star are got 0-1.

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