Steelman quadruposed: quiet offensive representative regression «normal»

Beijing June 18, although it was once surrounded by the field, it was actually quite quiet in Pittsburgh Steelman. Some people even said that their sniper is very bored.

Other significant fines have Cincinnati, Vontaze Burfict, due to his twisted opponent’s ankle aorta, San Francisco, 49 people, 49 people, San Francisco COLIN KAEPERNICK is fined $ 10,000 due to not wearing alliance designated brand headphones (official reason is «other Wholesale Jerseys / equipment» fines), as well as Pittsburgh steel people, Antonio Brown (Antonio Brown) due to the first week The action is fined $ 8268.

Alliance penalties have caused more than $ 21 million in players

As of the sixth week of this season, the salary of the players has lost the amazing $ 21.52 million (still 50 cents!) Due to the fine and banned. According to a certified accountant named Robert Raiola, this has pointed out that this has exceeded 2 times the total number of US $ 10.5 million in a fine last season.

The news about the steelman players during the offset period included: Quarter-Roethlisberger invited teammates to come to home. ARTIE BURNS said that he would like to be unemployed. Although the team’s quotation contract has not been signed, the Mike Hilton said that he would not choose a dismissal to seek a new contract. Alejandro Villanueva got MBA degree from Carnegieva University. All steel people have reported to participate in the mandatory mini training camp.

Kapez has 31 years of coaching experience. He once served as the Jigu Defensive Coordinator in 1999 to 2000, and the coach at the time is Tom Coughlin, which is now serving Vice President of the Jigong team affairs. .

Jackson said that Galt looks back in the past in the training. «I am very happy that he can participate in the training» Jackson said. «Want to talk to the medical group, treat him carefully and wisely.»

He said: «I am trying to do everything I can do, I am resting every day, I feel very good in returning to the collective. It is very good to train with you in the court. As for other questions you go Ask the coach Bill — Bell Belichick, thank you. «

The Ji Tuda Tuesday announced that Kelps will serve as the team’s senior defensive assistant coach. His responsibilities include close cooperation with TeardD Wash and coaching groups with the team defensive coordinator.

Almost every year, there will be different teams to join or quit, and many teams have closed all the business in the construction team, and the two teams of the Dkats Tali team and Chicago have continued today, they They are the predecessor of Chicago Bear and Arizona. When the league in the 1930s quickly developed rapidly, many teams have moved from the small cities of the first team. When they seek more business effects, a construction team in 1919, Joined NFL in 1921 but stayed In the small town belonging to their small town, now every citizen in this small city is the shareholders of this team, it is green bay packaging.

Ok, let us analyze these economic losses. Arizona Red Tiwirwirwalvan Daryl Washington (DARYL WASHINGTON) has been banned for one year, «contributing» for one year, «contributed» for one year, «contributing to the budget of alliance drug abuse). Robert Mathis, Indianapolis, due to the proposed drug use of the affiliates, and lost more than 2 million US dollars. His pony teammates, safe garanes, Laron Landry, was banned from four games, lost 1 million US dollars due to the same violations. Of course, Josh Gordon, who was banned 10 games, accounted for a large part of the losses, accurately said that it was $ 7481, and he could only make up for a few more than a few more than one.

Brown-like Yuan defensive end Feng Mai Lees-Galt regression training

This year’s draft-shaped Miles-Gals Garrett has returned to the first regression of Thursday since the high shot of the ankle on September 6.

If I want to predict the development of NFL in the next 100 years, I think it will enter the «high-tech era», more high-tech broadcast methods, more technological training and competition, NFL belongs to high technology, NFL belongs to the future.

After the Bemple Market, NFL is like an octopa generally reaching huge tentacles to the world, first trying to carry out the development of the Union in Europe, and then began to hold regular season overseas in 2005, Mexico and the United Kingdom have left NFL’s shadow, now «» London «is not enough every year, there are not enough, and even come to four games, even the boss of the Pakistani Board of the United States tiger. Shathed-Khan tried to move the team to London, internationalization is another feature of the new century NFL.

According to statistics, this figure in 2012 was $ 18.1 million, the 2011 season is $ 9 million, and the 2010 season is $ 9.5 million. NFL and NFL players will continue to discuss alliances to discuss the behavior of alliance staff, which will affect the approval of alliances. Take this speed, the total economic loss of the 2014 season will exceed $ 25 million. «God, this is a big money.»

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