The data between the whole game is very close, the giant is 23 times, the total number of passes is 222 yards, and the total number of running ball is 83 yards. The pony first gear 24 times, the total number of passes is 229 yards, the running ball is 75 yards. The only gap is in the transformation of the ball, and the pony twice to the ball will be funerally.

Season, New York Giants, the fourth quarter, reverse

This New York Giants in the game on August 17th, this New York Giants can be called one of the most exciting competitions in the preseason. In the competition, the giant team once behind, after the giant, after the leadership of the four-point guard, finally chased the pony in 27:26.

The best special team player of the United States:

Anthony Dixon, Buffalo Bill, Runover / Special Series

In the game of Bill Great New York Jet, Dickson once blocked the opponent’s abandonation, helping the team to grab the ball in the end area to complete the reach. In addition, he completes a mushroom to reach.

Bill was previously investigated by Croo because of a beach chair, it was arrested and was arrested. This matter made him accused beat others and wounded, so he was asked to pay an indefinite paid. According to the Associated Press, the victim’s parents have requested to revoke the allegations to avoid further disturbance of their lives.

The two teams have a gap between the two teams, and the Eli Manning is 7 pass in the game, only the poor 6 yard passed, and it is unstable and worrying. Push 89 yards in the Andrew Luke in the Horses 12, 189 yards, 189 yards, harvesting a pass to the ball, and a personal running and playing very stable. Confused other position players, the most eye-catching of this game is the biggest defensive group, the whole game is critical to the cruise, and these two turns are directly to the giants, the biggest harvest of the giant The outstanding performance of Anderson 46, Newcomer, 2 times, plus a key to manufacturing.

1. Denver’s wild horse defeated the patriot to win the Meetan champion, and the Seattle Hawow defeated the 49 people in San Francisco to win the National Union champion, and the 48th super bowl was determined.

From the whole game, I always take the initiative to take the initiative, always leading the lead until the fourth quarter, the champion of the pony, plus the giant’s stability promotion, has won a classic reversal victory.

The patriot of 10 wins and 2 did not get rid of the fate of this year’s unbeaten team to end the losses, but this is also related to the injuries of their offensive group. The last home is facing the Philadelphia Eagle, Tom Brady has almost activated the weapons of all offensive groups. In the absence of Rob Gronk-Gronoki, Braddy is still able to pass 312 yards and 3 times, even in the final Braddy itself completes 1 yard shock. Featings, this old will remain so high, this is also extremely rare in NFL history. At this game, Gronkovsky is likely to be absent again. I hope that the next game will get more chances to go to the end of the Trumd Chandler to give the team more. help. The team main line Wei Jie Mi-Collins is finally reproduced, as the patriots defensive group strong rushing hand, Collins can bring more defensive choices to the team.

The three horses in front of this game maintain absolute advantages at 23-0 until the fourth quarter. In the fourth quarter, the giants first held the ball attack, replacing the four-point guards Curtus Pain passed to the right side, and Preston Parker was successful, completed 30 The code is long, then the road has been steadily advanced to the top 5 yards in the array area, and the Pist does not play directly, complete the 3 yard pass, the close-up 87, the old Trumpet, the old, Kellen Davis, Jellen Davis Array. The tenth minute, the pony’s own side sports area, Wholesale Jerseys running guards, Justin Anderson, squatting, 49 lines, Space, Spencer Adkins The ball was completed, and the game was completely controlled by the giants. The last 4 minutes of the game, the giant running to Michael Cox, leaping people, at this time, the giant is still behind 21-26, then the pony Four offensive all have to give up the kick, the ball is converted back to the giant, this series of offensive is dominated by the second grade Subtack 9, the Ryan Nassib, all the way to quickly advance, Finally completed 4 yards to pass the ball, the giant is more than 55 seconds of 27-26, and the last section of the horses fails, and the last section of the giant completed gorgeous reversal.

5. Beijing Time February 3, 2014, NFL 48th Super Bowl is awarded for the New York Metropolitan Stadium. The Seattle Hawks played the excellent play of the entire team, defeated the Denver wild horse leading by Pedon-Manning, won the team history in the history of the team history with the excellent play of the entire team.

«We all strive to become better. We strive to do our best to make our best decisions we can do,» O’Brien said. «You can say that these transactions are very radical, these evaluations are unable to control. I can tell you is that we have considered a lot, I have opened a lot of discussion, there is a lot of communication, we are satisfied with the status quo.»

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