Katler said: «No one can break up after breaking up. He didn’t have a problem, I know how many years I know, he is such a person. He is a good player, he made a lot in the bear team. Contribution, but eventually did not transform to the record. In fact, I am also likely to leave the bear team like him. «

Katler smile Marshall: No one likes the former girlfriend

The Chicago Bear Quadruple Jay-Cartler has recently accepted the NFL TV reporter STACEY DALES. Not long ago, the front bear star, Brandon Marshall, has publicly expressed the dissatisfaction of the lack of chemical reactions in the last season of the bear offensive, and Kartler responded to this in this interview. news.

Carterre continued: «(Marshall will face) a new environment, the new team manager, everything is unknown. I believe that Ma Shar can behave very well in the jet. According to my knowledge, he knows the physical condition of him. Quite good, because I have seen a point in the performance of private training in Chicago. So he will definitely continue the good state. «

San Francisco 49 people players and their car

If you use the number of luxury cars to define the team, the Seattle Hawks can’t be 49 people in San Francisco, this is a very interesting thing to see how many superb luxurious cars in the home of the NFL player.

The 36th selected rookie said: «You need to do relationships with everyone from the team, because the global team need to trust you. You also need everyone trust you.» Team attacked Doing the cutting, I have a very admiring Carl. Every time he is always the first person, the attack coordinator, the offensive coordinator, said Paparino, I have never seen a four-guard and player relationship so good. He always makes people around you further.

Brent returned to the training ground this week, and he will challenge the New York giant at 23 this month to come back. Jerry Jones said in an interview with reporters on Friday: «Brent’s performance is quite good, we have been encouraged.» Jones once promised Brown Mother after Brown. He won’t Therefore, Brent, Atoms.Rocks Jones credited his commitment to stay this defensive disappearance in the team.

New York Giants ranam in the countdown in the field last season, the number of points of the league, the number of points, the number of lost codes, etc., the high-level decision of the giant is, leaving the defensive coordinator Steve Spino (?!), And in the free market, the big bag: Cheap Nfl Jerseys the high-rise madman Olivaye Fernon, the alliance strongest anti-running defensive cut off Dagun-Harrison, the strongest anti-running running Type defensive end Edge — Pien — Paul, single anti-staring madman Jenos Jenkins, the first round of rookie all-round corner Waira-Apur, from the perspective configuration, the giant has the most tough Defensive front line, and the strongest defensive latency of universal combat capabilities, the view of the giant defensive group is whether Spino Luo «unexpected», as the 2007 season giant, combine the stars to synthesize a whole.

Marshall has previously claimed that Kyle Orton is the best quarter-off itself. The outside world thinks this is the satiric Caric Carribree in the sandy surprise. However, Carterler’s response is quite large, there is no ridicule and sarcasm, now he is going to adapt to the new coaching team of the bear team, with excellent performance to prove yourself.

Brent is still in his 10-game ban, in 2012, in 2012, Breerry Brown, Jerry Brown, Jerry Brown, Jerry Brown, Brent because of the allegations of others. Convicted, the NFL Alliance has therefore a conditional suspension of it.

Kuboyk’s evaluation of Trev is «performance is very good, worthy of opportunities», but this does not mean that he is the beginning of the regular season. If he can perform a list of possible starting list in the third episode, there will be his name.

Trevi-Westmir first wild horses third preseason

Denver’s wild horse gradually made a debut of the four-point guard. US Time Monday, Gary Kubiak, announced that Trevor Siemian will become the first quarter of the team’s first quarter-offs to the Los Angeles ram.

Finally, he replied the question starting with this paragraph. When the king couldn’t act as a storm in the storm, you may feel that the king seems to be the same for a long time. Of course, they rely on the courage of the courage last year, can still be a one-time world, why can’t you come again?

Close up of 100 yards of 100 yards in each game, but also sent a single-handed single-handed game show, there is a very familiar, put it in Randy-Moss before 20 years ago, and put it in It is Beibei now. In fact, their moves are similar, using the speed of the sky to punish the opponent, with the body talent to compete for airspace, and finally the unparalleled ball hand, only the body confrontation ability is owed. It can be a Wiki-Moss, after the birth of the patriot, after the career, we see the route run more accurate, fighting more fierce Moss, this is the top of the top of the peak. Adjustment. The same problem is in front of Beckham, the 14th week of the above season, the black panther as an example, Josh Norman’s harassment and body contact makes the small shell square chaos, and it seems that all Bailian steel of Beckham is lost. It is soft, which is a part that the baby needs to be improved. Finally, «Wei Zhenti» retired, and the lack should inherit the world’s first thorns, rather than a false name of the greed.

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