«I am very happy that he can say this, because we played a very basic attack last season. Everyone can guide us what we have to do, because each of our gears is almost, they hinder to make it easy.» Howard Say, «Now, I feel that our offensive team will become more innovative, allowing the other party to defensive.»

Jay Gruden, Jay Gruden, believes that Jackson will perform in the face of the Saints of New Orleans: «He has trained together for 3 consecutive days, before he missed a long time, but Now he becomes stronger. His psychology becomes stronger, I believe you can do everything. We observed his performance this week, his speed is as fast as before. His return makes us both confident, I am very satisfied with the progress he has achieved. «

Old Eagle Front Player: Hear of the Cowboy

This week Dallas denim and the Philadelphia eagle will meet in the Sunday night. The eagle defensive front player Bynnie Logan said in an interview that the two teams hate each other, no one will like each other.

«This should not be surprised,» Jones said in an interview. «He is best to do for each matter, and he has done it for rehabilitation. He is very diligent in rehabilitation, which should not surprise anyone. They say that you may not believe, he is more than expected Faster and active rehabilitation. This should not be surprised. So we expect him to completely recover. «

Howard said that when he heard that Matt Nagy would become the next head coach, he «very excited». The offensive group of John Fox (John Fox) is not satisfactory, Naki said that he will let players play in an interesting system, and Howard is also looking forward to this.

Piteson said that the second run of the league is Lynch

Adrian Peterson This season although it was 30 years old, but still won the wholesale nfl jerseys this season’s scorpion code king. In the previous interview, Peterson told reporters that he was the best running guard in the alliance. When he was asked who was the second run, he told us that the old will be opposite the Sunday, the old will & mdash; & mdash; Marshawn Lynch, Seattle Hawk. Peterson said that the League No. 2 running guard is him, although Lynch only participated in the 417 yard from 7 games this season, but before, 29-year-old Linqi wishes at least every season in the past four seasons. 1200 yards. Lynch had the first battle on the Sunday Hawks to the National Owner’s cards of the antigenida, and Peterson hopes to meet him.

With the joint coming with Nati, there is a former Oregon Coach Mark Hawlei (Mark Helfrich), Hawurich will serve as an offensive coordinator. The tactical books in cooperation in two people will definitely fight the enemy.

Grunette: Jackson will make any performance

Washington Red Leather Entry Scholan Jackson finally completed it last week after absence half a season, but in the face of new England Patriots, he only completed 3 batches and advanced 15 yards. But with this week’s training, the team is full of confidence in Jackson’s next game.

Mark — Sanchez: I confirm that the draft for the Broncos starting quarterback

Quarterback Mark — Sanchez (Mark Sanchez) does not think the Denver Broncos quarterback in this year’s draft pick Paxton — Lynch (Paxton Lynch) a threat to him, he thinks it was confirmed he would be the starting quarterback of the Broncos .

«Of course, this is what I get the message,» Sanchez said Monday. «I am very excited for this opportunity.» Sanchez is the first contact one of Lynch’s Broncos players, the latter being his congratulations Broncos selected.

Peterson said on Sunday’s game, he is ready to go all out, coach Mike Jimmer also said that there will be no restrictions on Peterson, «This is the playoffs», Jiji Moore said, «He is ready. It feels very good.»

Cowboy High-rise: It is expected that the quarter-Dak-Prescott can fully rehabilitate

Dak Prescott will not return this season, but Dallas denim believes that their quadrant can completely recover Cheap jerseys From china serious injuries.

For the speed of the player, the leg tears are not hurt. Although it is very important for athletes, it is very important to see from last week, Jackson still manifested very struggle. I hope this week’s situation can be improved.

Logan said: «We hate them, they also hate us. The fans of both sides also hate each other. This is a purely annoying. They always complain about everything, I want to say, shut up, concentrate playing Let me hit you in each gear, stop unnecessary complaints, then it will only make me more violent. You are a man, this is a football, closed his mouth, like a man, I have hit like a man. «

The eagle new show horn, Eric, Eric Row, made a similar point of view: «The last game, at least at the offensive end, I saw that they have been crying. They always ask for a foul to the referee, Jason —Witten, whenever he is covered, you will look at the referee, ask if there is a yellow flag, then complain about the referee. Many pick-ups tried to ask the referee to discharmatically brought the penalty, they love crying Little baby? «

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