Black Leopard Yanwei Norman hopes new contract annual salary of 16 million US dollars

Darrelle Revis and New York Jets have made him average average salary just more than $ 14 million, which made him a horn guard in the alliance. Josh Norman wants to exceed such a number.

Carolina Black Leopard hit the privileged player label for Norman, which guarantees that he can get a $ 13.95 million salary next season. But Charlotte media reported that Norman wanted to get a long-term contract, with average salary of 16 million US dollars.

Henes born in Miami is praised by the team’s coach with its stable performance. He completed 13 battles this season to get 170 yards 1 time. In the new show, Preston Williams has become the team’s second hand after the reimbursement of the knee quilty.

White is telling reporters: «I chat with Jones, he and Bryant’s injury is very similar, you have to know that we lost Jones for a whole year, so I don’t think Brines will come back, even after coming back. The time of the game, at least in January. «

Burling himself said: «After 8 years of NFL, my health problem does not allow me to continue to play. This decision is not easy, but for me, my wife is Kelly Boling and two daughters are correct. The choice. I would like to thank the Brown family to give me the opportunity to play in the tiger, but also thank my teammates, coaches, fans and all those who have supported me. «

Mike Brown gave the Burlings highly evaluation: «Clint is people who can rely on our people, and those who should be told. He has never obtained Reputation. Although excellent players are more or less underestimated, at least he is honored in the team. «

Although Fowler will have a hurt, the Jaguo still provides him with the highest salary contract to be available. David Caldwell, the general manager of the United States Tiger, said: «We are very happy to sign the contract with Dantan. Our support and trust will not change because of injuries. He is the attitude and competitive spirit of the game. We selected his reason in the third time, he knows what he should do, and they are willing to do. They all believe that he will have a bright future in the American tiger. I look forward to him in the 2016 season. «

White supplements: «At any time, you have a foot injury. You can’t walk. This requires a lot of stress to slowly adapt. So Bryant needs patience, especially because he has just completed the new contract, everything is a key. «

Tiger Left Drugs Clint — Burling announced retirement

Beijing July 16th, US Time, Monday, Tiger officially announced, decided to decide to retirerate the team’s effectiveness of the left-proof Clint Bolinger (CLINT BOLING).

America Tiger announces the signing of the hurt new show

Jacksonville’s 3rd rookie, Dante Fowler, has been announced that the team will express him through the signing method for a few days later, after a few days later. On Tuesday, the American Tiger announced that the full guarantee contract worth $ 2.3.5 million was reached in a four-year worth of $ 2.3.5 million.

cheap nfl jerseys from china TV Network Reporter Ian Rapople reported that the KEANU Neal was considered alardion to tear in KEANU NEAL. He was injured in the second quarter of the team 24-27 lost in the second quarter of the Indiana Polis Pony.

The 28-year-old Hels Career has spent 5 seasons in Jacksonville America. Last year he joined Dallas Cowboy, but his ankle was misplaced in the race. He was cut off by cowboy in July and then added to the dolphin.

Miami Dolphins and External Hand Allen — Henes Recycling for 2 years

Miami Dolphins has signed a 2-year contract with an external hand Allen Hurns, which will ensure that he is effective for the team to 2021.

The injury is a very bad news for him. He was absent from the top ten ligament torn in the first battle in the last season. And now he has to absent the entire 2019 season. He has a total of 14 cockroaches, and he hits four points.

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