Gao Fu was packaged to a lion with a few selection signs, exchanged the other party quarter-saving Matthew — Stafford (Matthew Stafford). Gaofu said that he is very happy. «Can you go to a place where I want me, I will appreciate me.»

Golley said in an interview: «I don’t think about this. But you have to know, I like Gaoff, I like him very much. He is a good person. But no one cares who is a good person. I still There is a place to play, I hope that those people will open their arms and welcome him, don’t be too picky, let him play. He became a reason for the reason, and still had enough playing ability. «

Giants will accept pectoral fin surgery

The New York Giants did not solve the problem on the offensive front line during the offset period, but now I have to face new tests. According to cheap nfl jerseys from china official website reporters, the giant left disappearance of Will Beatty was pulled in the local time on Tuesday, and he would choose to receive relevant surgery in recent days.

US time on Tuesday afternoon, the Rambi Sean McVay reveals the reasons why Galli performance is «sluggish». He said that Galley was limited because the ankle injury was limited, but it denied that he used him as a bait to disperse the other party defense and said that Galli will continue to play.

According to the relevant person, the injury in Bii is undoubtedly a heavy blow for the giants. After the operation, he will take at least half of the season after surgery. In the draft of the month, the giabman selected the offense of Erik Frales (ERECK FLOWERS) in the 9th, he or will take the stick in advance, Justin Pugh, responsible for protecting Blind test of Eli Manning.

In addition to Kendrick, in addition to Kendrick, the best lineup is selected, Harrison Smith and the Heigh Weve Rhodes (Xavier Rhodes), the three professional bowls defensive end Everson Griffeen and two professional bowls defensive disappearance Linval Joseph has now gained a rich long. Anthony Barr, Anthony Barr, will be a player who will be subsequently renewed by Anthony Barr and Potential.

In recent years, giants have been trying to make up in the offensive front line, but the results are always as good. Last season, the team struggle with Geoff Schwartz only started 2 times, as a result of injury. Incidents revealed that the team will continue to try to explore the offensive front line players who can reinforce the depth of the lineup from the free market.

The «Bombing Legion» must be defensive, it is Texas people’s attack «Trident» & mdash; & mdash; de Andre-Hopkins, Ville, Dchaen Watson. At present, Texas people’s offensive scores are the third of the league, and the averaging score is 29.5 points, and the number of 21 times a quadrant is also ranked second. The four-dimensional Weatson has passed the 15 remedy, 6 of which pass to Hopkins, 5 passing to Flor. Fowler has a speed advantage, and every game has a score after the return return, and the problem of his «butter hand» in the last season is not small in this season. For the upcoming game, wholesale jerseys F Weller said: «I will try to make yourself more confident in my current performance, I am moving towards the direction of excellent journey.» When the Eagle’s defensive second-line is a nickname of the «Bombing Army» in 2012, Wah is still a young. «I look at them in high school,» Foule said, «Looking at Shelman, Thomas, Qifusler playing. For me, I can confront them now, this is really interesting.» Texas The rookie quarter Swan Swauterson also said: «This will be a very interesting challenge. I am observing and studying their defense during the university, and now I have finally have a chance to be able to cross them.»

Washington Hongki external takeart and Landy-Moss together season training

Washington Red Leather External Terrelle Pryor and Jamison Crowder are currently carried out in one of the top three-level external hands of the league. Moss (Randy Moss) train.

In 2015, the second round of selected KFRix has become a player who has a large number of 维 京 防 防, is also the core of the defensive group. After the last season’s last season, KFRix became the first three seasons since the career in the first three seasons since the career in the top three seasons since the career. The first Viking player.

After a week of rest for a week, Texas will challenge Seattle Hawks on the eighth week of regular season. For Texas, after the first six competitions, the team injury, personnel adjustment, lineup, the team gradually became an attack sharp ball from a team of defensive, «transformation» team. In this round of regular season, the team will face the Hawks known as «Bombing Legion». The defensive second-wire and mdash; & mdash, including the love of the Sherman, the physique and Line-guards, the safety of Safety, Shu Shu, and professional bowl safety 卫 厄尔 — Thomas & mdash; & mdash; the most good at Is the external connector of «locking» each other in the game.

For Preli, he spent 2 seasons in the four-divided position of Cleveland Brown. He is a newcomer for the red skin. When the snippet is just started, he and the external connector of the Pittsburgh steel Antonio Brown trained together, this opportunity is very precious for him.

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