Abandoning the back attack on the Hyheim Hines, completed the 84-drawn kicks in the first quarter, and completed the 71-drawn kick and returned to the fourth quarter. It is the special group of the special group today. Star. The pressure of the offensive group was therefore a lot, Marlon Mack was 16 times, pushed 95 yards, reached once.

Black Leopard cheap jerseys from china training lineup to kilbert

US Time Monday, Carolina Black Leopard announced that Garrett Gilbert will be promoted from the training lineup to the big list. Safety Dezman Southward is therefore decentr.

Watt is the highest standard in the union defensive player. The fans will inevitably doubt, and Cote’s remarks may be just an exaggeration, even the premium. But in fact, Donald is equipped with Cote’s praise. The best defensive new show in the 2014 season has attracted the attention of the entire league with practical performance. According to the scoring system of Proba Football Focus, as of the 13th week, Donald’s total is +64.7, which has been taken from Watt +63.9. This is also the first time with a player in the season. When the player can surpass Watt in the total score.

Gilbert is the six-round show of the raft, who has trained in the training lineup of the patriots, the lions and the raid, and the big list of farten periods is signed in the panther training lineup this year.

British football star Hanengeal tactics is too complicated to retire

Jarryd Hayne decided this year to retire from NFL to the English football stadium, and he chooses to leave because it is too tired for the understanding of American football, especially when the main coach is Qi Pu — Kaili CHIP KELLY.

Hayen said that it is very meticulous to understand American football, including the learning of tactical this, this will spend a lot of time, when the team chooses a new head coach, he feels very hard to learn new tactics.

He told Sydney Bao News reporter: «I just think that Kaili tactics is too time. I don’t have a university experience, but people around me can quickly understand these because they have experienced these, I have always lag behind them. I understand that time can make me a American football player I want to be, but now I will find it to Fiji. «

Lamar Jackson 31 times completed 20 times, pushed 238 yards, reached 3 times. He also drove the ball 17 times, pushed 103 yards, this is the fifth single-game driver in his season, there is a hundred yards, the career is six times, and it can break Michael Vick. A record.

No one can say that Hayon is a lazy person, he made his decision to return to his best at exercise. His American football career is not bad, and he completed 52 yards, 27 yards, and the bright performance of the preseason game without any experience.

This is also the best game in Bakley this season. He drunk twice into 189 yards, reaching it once, while catching 4 times, pushing 90 yards, reaching it once. At the same time, Jones completed 5 passed forwards, the giant’s hopes were pinned on these young people.

Like Watt, Donald can’t stop. He has surpassed Watt this season, which is the top performance of the fans in the past few years. His ability is enough to change the opposite of the opponent. In the last week, Matthew Stafford tried to have a short pass of his career, reaching 14 times, this number is only 9 times. In the face of Jameis Winston this week, Donald looks forward to the strength of the strength.

After a day, according to the NFL NetWork reporter, the Haorens have not passed, and the transactions have failed. The vacancy of Viking once again opened again, and Haol finally did not escape the fate of the raid.

Today’s two teams add up to four games before the game, the dolphins with better recordings should be easily wins. But Tiger Tiger has played a chicken blood today, and the dolphins were hard to fight, Jason Sanders, 37 yards, any ball shooting, helping Miami wins.

The crow did not lose, while Brown stabilized on the downhill. After this game, the crow locked the United States and the United States, and Brown was also officially eliminated the competition for the seasons.

Pirate Coach: Donald and Watt

JJ Watt is the best defensive player in this era, he is step by step by step, and the object he challenged will be Lawrence — Taylor, Reggie White, etc. The greatest defensive players in history.

Cote said: «Special, especially destructive. Our team is responsible for studying the opponent’s staff told me before, he and Watt are the same level of players. So I said to myself: & lsquo; Scorpio, this It’s hard to confuse. & Rsquo; then I have Read the Full Guide the video, I have to shite: & lsquo; Scorpio, he and Watt are a level! & Rsquo; I mean, he is experiencing a fantasy season, A player that can determine the trend of the game. «

However, with the 14th Zhou Gong sheep defeated the Detroum lion, Donald was again high, kicked off the score gap between Watt. In the game, Donald destroyed the offensive front line of the lion with a strong force. He completed 3 kills, 6 hit four-point guard, and contributed 3 times to make the opponent lost the number of codes. NFL official website experts said: «I don’t know if there is more threat than Donald, and the mobile skills are more distracted. He continues to move in turn, with impact four-point guard. He also performs top level in the anti-running It is a very complete player. «

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