Brown coach: I am eager to see the outer hand in the mini training camp. Beckham

Beijing June 1st, Cleveland Brown coach Freddy-Kiqi Kitchens, was missed when he was asked to take over the Odell Beckham Jr.. Time is very straightforward.

«I will not pay attention to the process of voting because I’ve really a great significance for me,» Owens said in the NFL official website. «I understand that the performance I am present, this performance may be completely worth entering the celebrities, but honestly, I really don’t care if I can enter the famous Hall.»

[Preview] The 9th week of Sunday Race raids @ Dolphins

This week’s Sunday, the two performances of the Equays this season will encounter. The Auckland raid person across the United States to the East Coast Miami to challenge dolphins. As a game team in the two US sub-season last season, this season is not satisfied, and they have suffered a fiasco, and they need a victory to save the decline.

Treier Owens does not care if they can be selected for celebrities

The front NFL quartz Weret Falf (Brett Favre) is considered to be willing to enter the celebrities in 2016, but Trell Owens (TRREL OWENS)?

Daniel career has been in 2 games, obtain 480 yards, and the pass rate is 65.4%. As an alternative to Drew Brit (Drew Brees, Daniel is very familiar with the attacking system of Saints. He completed the 12515 yard pass on the University of Missouri, got 101 reached, and the pass rate of 68%.

The pony team hopes that Thomas’s reproduction can improve the status quo of the team’s attack front line. To know, this offensive front line is in a bad breath, they can’t keep healthy, can’t make effective cover, and let them The four-point guardian andrew luck received too much impact. In order to strengthen the offensive front line, the pony team signed Lance Lance Louis from the Chicago Xiong team during the offset period, and selected two rookies at the election meeting to strengthen their offensive front lines. But Thomas’s sudden injury, completely disrupted the deployment of the piles.

— This is the fourth team of the fourth team to get 40 points in the case of getting 40 points, since the first appearance since the superbown era.

— Mahumus became the first four-point guards from 6 Dalsets on Monday Night

— Gaoff full 413 yard passed, four-point guards up to 117.1, however, Mahms scored higher, 478 yards, rating 117.6

[Everyday nfl jerseys] 11th week Monday Night (Emirates) Create crazy records

On the 11th week, the Night Tournament is over 54 points of the Los Angeles ram. The two teams of the two teams are overwhelming, and the two teams; Patrick Mahms and Jarid — Gaoff common interpretation of «crazy» Four sessions «wrote a strong color in the history of NFL.

Total 105 points (far beyond the expected 64 points of the competition expert), became a competition in history rankings, only over the Washington Red Squad, defeat New York Giants in 1966, 72-41, and Cincinnati Tiger Team Cake Cleveland Brown team at 58-48 in 2004.

At present, the pony team can be said to be a wounded, and their injury list has defensive striker-Mora (Fili Moala) and the Line-Morgan (Aaron Morgan). Plus Thomas and Barad, it seems that the pony team will have to suffer from injuries.

Auckland raids got a 5th loss of this season last week, and the competition behind this season will win and have a hopes in the playoffs. The raid people play unstable this season because of the main four-point guards, Drrick Carl’s injury and the overall performance of the team. Excessive Amary-Cooper This season is sluggish, and the nearly two games gradually retrieved, and the 258 yards have been taken in the past two games and 2 games. The raid people also signed the main center of the first 49 people from last week to Wei Navaro-Bowman, further enhanced the defensive hardness, and if the raids of this season also reported to the season, then they must To win

— The ram near the front side of Guarde — Everrete is unknown, but he only rely on the game by 3 times, and it is completed in the fourth quarter. In his 26 games in his whole career, there were only 3 times.

For the injury of Thomas, Chuck Pagano, which trains Chuck Pagano, «Donald and Wik very hard, their injuries make us feel bad. He is very strong young man I believe he will get better. » Thomas is injured in training on Wednesday, and the nuclear magnetic resonance after training: Thomas plenty of tear his right stranded four muscles again. On Friday night, Thomas has left Anderson University (the local training camp) of Anderson University,

Miami dolphins have made a big news before the transaction, sent away the team’s number one running guard Jie-Akay, and the attitude of the big sale also gave the fans to a large degree of uneasiness. Last week, Dolphin had just been washed at 40-0, the blood is washed. After the main force of this season, after the reimbursement of the Tam Hill season, whether it is Jay-Carter or Mart-Moore, you can’t let the head coach Adam — Gain assured, perhaps this is also a new strategy for team strategic selling. The team main extension of Jame Vis — Landri has got up to the four games in the past four games, and successfully brought the boller 50 rankings in the second place. Although in the face of the raid, the dolphins has achieved 5 consecutive victories, only in front of the game, the dolphins still have no victory.

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