So in the locker room, there was such a funny dialogue. «Newton your child is selected? Yes, he is called Qiu Cheng (choose). I am very happy that you have already selected his name so soon, then What is it? I told you, called Husheng (selected). Feeding brothers tell me the name! My child’s name is called Shu Cheng. «(Hey, Cam, You Have a name for the baby yet? Yeah, Man, IT & # 39; S Chosen.glad to Hear You Picked It. But what is it? I told you, it & # 39; s chosen.c & # 39; MON, CAM, JUST TELL Me the name! My baby # 39; s name is chosen!)

Chicago bears sign a play kick, Cairo — Santos

The player position is almost fast into the dream of the bear. After the 2016 season, after Robbie Gould, they changed another player, but I couldn’t find a player who could deliver every shooter.

It seems that Jones makes a mistake in the date of the game, I hope he didn’t make the fact. At present, Brown is still in the list of brain shocks in the team, it is likely to be absent cheap nfl jerseys from china the next game.

Jones still insisted on his own point of view on Tuesday, but he also said that if Brown’s next game could not be able to fight with Pittsburgh, he will apologize, he said: «If he can’t play next game Then I will apologize, but you have to know all the truths happened last week, all this Friday, you will see, I promise. «

«The restoration is good,» Braddy said on Tuesday, «but I have been trying to protect the right hand. Everyone knows the importance of the right hand to a four-defense, I hope to do it before Sunday. May remain health. «

There is currently no indication that Shazur will return in the 2020 season. In January this year, Sterenral’s president Art Rooney said that even if Sazzle was put in the second season, his contract could not continue to enter the 2020 season. But Rooney means that I want to find a way to keep Shazur. If the Shazur contract expires, he will enter the free player market in March.

«When you deal with Ryan-Shazur, you can’t give a schedule,» Cobert said on Thursday. «You face a young man working hard. We always support his desire, whether at a specific day or at a specific stage. We have to follow some regulations, but for his return may not Application restrictions, no time schedule. «

General Manager of Steel Man: Regression of Line Wahie — Shazur No Timetable

Since the 13th week of the 2017 season, Ryan Shazier has no longer playing the Pittsburgh steel man, but he has been staying in the steel person after suffering serious injuries, Kevin, general manager of the team — Kevin Colbert believes that this will not change.

Tom Braddy said the right hand injury has not been fully rehabilled.

The right hand injuries of the patriot four-point Tom Brady were sewed 12-pin, which was previously removed. He himself said that his hand injury did not completely recover.

For steel people, Shazur, who has been effective for 4 seasons, entered the professional bowl, including him of the 2017 season. His return story has always motivated people, obviously steel people have been paying attention to his rehabilitation.

In March 2019, steel people announced that Shazur’s contract will continue to enter the 2019 season. Shazur first stayed in the array, and then was put into lists that could not be appeared. Continuation of Shacel’s contract means that the steel man will pay the salary of his entire season, but also let him get medical insurance, and this season can be included in the pension.

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