Kelly confirmed that Karenick’s contract does not affect his decision. Previously, 49 people and Capenke were close to the restructuring contract, which would reduce the team that the team feels due to injuries to the income terms.

After the race is ugly to Arizona, Kelly has no choice but to make the substitute four-dimensional Navin-Katin Kaepernick instead of Bulin-Gabbert. The 49 people won the 49 consecutive games before Gabot.

The 30-year-old Johnson only completed his 9th career, although he completed 16 games, but injuries have begun to affect his play in the past few years. However, he still completed the performance of 1000 yards in the 70th seasons in the past eight seasons.

Even so, not out of Brisbane also compete for the best quarterback in history. Today, he is the league’s top ranked offense commander 5. Although Brisbane is rarely mentioned «great» man, but if he again win the Super Bowl 1 or 2, and that is no doubt great.

Giants near-end Front Enshan — Engelram: Currently, it is not concerned about renewal issues

In a break in the epidemic interference, there are many New York giants that ushered in the new coaching group to learn digestion.

Capenke is a lot of attention due to national anthem protests. But on the field, he only won the three-speed appearance time this year. At the same time, Excellent Gibot, which is the first four-dimensional guard team, is 9 wins and 31 losses. He didn’t have the ball and the bad choice for the fans.

«Now I really don’t care too much,» said Engelram. «We have a lot to learn from all the different things in the offensive group and training camp. All such renewal things will be solved naturally. At present, my gravity is to come to the team to find a way more excellent. Correction Error and strive to prepare for the new season. «

It is recognized Brisbane career best year, even the best commentary on the first three league season. Contrast career best 2013 season, Manning, but also is considered the best season in league history.

Capenik continues to wear other brand headphones

San Francisco 49 people’s four-dimensional Kaepernick-Katnik was held attended the press conference because of the unofficial BOSE sponsored headphones, and the Wholesale Nfl Jerseys alliance was affected by Bose Headphones. Processing opinions: It is forbidden to appear before the TV. But it seems that all this does not affect Cape Nick continues to bring their own headphones.

This is not clear how it is, the alliance will not be able to determine if it can punish Cape Nick without a trademark headset. But before we want to blame Katnik’s immature, you still remember Tom Brady and worked in the competition and obvious trademarks because of business reasons. These players care about their endorsement contract, rather than the alliance tells them what they can do is what they can’t do.

Perhaps the most important thing is that he has played 15 games in the rookie season. In the next two seasons, Engelram missed 13 games. Before the season, he first was lacking in the knee injury, and it was a foot injury after returning and was placed in the injury reserve.

But Engelram said that he has resumed healthy and can play. «I feel great. I have spent a very lucky break. I have been trying to rehabilitate and return,» he said. «Now, I will start and try my best to do everything, and train together with the trainer.»

Brady may be the season to push his career wins to a new level (currently, Manning and Favre’s record is 186 wins), which is beyond the reach of Brisbane’s goals. Still, he has a chance to break the record other than quarterback, so far, he is among the best in the rankings:

The first pass success rate history

Passing yardage third history

Passing of several historic third front

Capenik and the headset supplier signed a concurrent contract, so on the evening of the reporters meeting him at the meeting, he continued to wear the pink headset, just post the trademark with stickers.

[Column] A version of the history of the most underrated quarterback — Drew — Brisbane

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew — Brisbane his illustrious career and stable performance has proven itself must be able to qualify for the Hall of Fame for the first time in the Hall of Fame Award.

In 2017, Engelra, selected Engelram in a rookie, showing the ability to change the competition in the rookie season, and his data made him potential to become a leader of the league. At the rookie season, he completed 64 battles to get 722 yards 6 times.

Therefore, the current priority for Engelram is healthy and again learns new offensive tactics, rather than striving for new contracts for themselves. If he can maintain health and adapt to the new offensive system, then get a new contract is also the result of success.

In the confusion of the 2016 season, Brisbane, 37 years old, he used seven MVP performance proved he could lead a mediocre team to play All-Star performance. In fact, if not in Brisbane Saints quarterback, and now their strength may be similar with the Cleveland Browns.

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