The giant once again see Jason Pierve Paul to check the finger

New York Giants’ Defensive Dragon Dragonfly Since Jason Pierre-Paul, since July 4, there is no return to the court since after the fireworks injury. Recently, the giant team confirmed that he would see him again and evaluated his injury.

According to the news, wholesale jerseys free shipping Pierre Paul will take the team to the team in New Jersey in the United States to determine the regression schedule.

This is also the second appointment of Pierre Paul and the team after the fireworks accident. The first appointment in September, the response given by the team at that time was his injury than the team expected to be bad.

Now the outside world is suspected that Pierll will not be able to play this season, cheap nfl jerseys for sale but cheap nfl jerseys from china his personal constant fitness video to see his recovery or good.

At present, the team is very hoping that he can return to the last four games. Of course, everything needs a doctor to give an answer.

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