However, in Miller decided to put this emotional public before, it is best to read the NBA Star Kayi-Owen (KYRIE IRVING) and Michel’s past, the separation of the two is not very happy, I wish Miller transport.

The best defensive player in the previous year, 5 degrees selected by the professional bowl, after the last season, the state is good, and 5.5 kills in 11 games will help the team win the name of the United States. Kevin Colbert, General Manager of Steel Man, said earlier, the team would respect Harrison’s personal intentions. The steel man is urgently replenished in the outside sake, and the player in the array will enter the free player market except for the first round of Jarvis Jones, except for the first round of Jarvis Jones.

Fitz Patrick performs excellent performance last season, and he is also very familiar with the team’s new offensive coordinator — Ga Gailey offensive system, compared with the heavy injury from hips, has not experienced a new show for the full-end period. The quarter-saving, he won the first position in succession.

Atlantan Femplay If you can overcome the Black Leopard this weekend, or the Hawks directly drive, they will get the tickets for the last playoffs in the state partition. In fact, this season has been hurting the fade in the season. It has lost the most important attack coordinator Kyle Salunan to make them more harder. Although Matt-Lan and Http:// Hurio-Jones is still as good as painted, but last year’s superb bowl dramatic failure is difficult to make up for false psychology. However, in the overall structure of the team, they did not hurt the bones. They still have the fundamental in the country, and they entered the playoffs. They absolutely possible to create more surprises.

Some news revealed that the two have been together for a while, and it is planning to publicize this news. The news of the gossip magazine: «They are all from the south, like interesting things, and two people get along with each other.»

Steel people will lead to Harrison to postpone retirement

Last season, I was short-lived in 18 days. I responded to the old line of the steel person. James Harrison has recently been uploaded in the personal instagram. Attach the text, «I will postpone the plan, now I want to travel to Arizona. I started training, I have prepared it next season. «

Colts-18-Manning-2010-Pro-Bowl-White-Jersey-0125In the interview with the local media of Atlanta, Brack is open to the team: «21 points! We used to lead 21 points. This is a game without any reason, there is no reason! For the team, I have nothing to say! «This remark is not a good sign for the team coach Mike Smith, and he needs more efforts to the future of the team and its work. Another sound is questionable to players, and people began to suspect that Matt Ryan and Julio Jones are still a top player of the league. For Brack, there is only a continuation of it.

Doute used to be selected as a professional bowl (NFL’s All-Star «, last season contributed 59 hugs and 4.5 times. He is also a player in the superb bowl of single killing (3 times, with the legendary superstar Ri-White Reggie White).

Leading 21 points are still turned over to let the falcon bosses are very frustrated

The team of Atlantan Board Arthur Blanl has been regarded as a super bowl in recent years. Last season, in the case of being optimistic, the falcon only won the 4 games, which made Brack were very dissatisfied. In a few weeks ago, Brand used a loss in front of the media. It was very disappointed in front of the media. Continuous failure made the team owner to sleep. This week’s London, the Falcon leads 21 points in the first half, eventually connected to 22 points against the competition. After the game, the anger of Brank squeezed finally broke out.

Let’s take a look at Carolina Black Leopard. Before 2 years ago, Newton and Black Panthers were taught by wild horses in a super bowl. Last season, they even fell to the bottom of the valley, and this season seems to be similar to the black panther, and the relatively simple schedule and the Newtonian courage, let them continue to hop the playoffs. And they have done it. This week, as long as you win the ball, they will lock the name of the National Lannade District; if the Saint, Viking and the ram will lose the ball at the same time, the black panther will get a first round. Temperate quota. For this unprystable trim quota and home advantage, it will not fall lightly in the last game.

[Event Prevent] Regulations 17th Black Leopard @ Falcon

Southern League of Nations, in the first few seasons, also referred to as «national calamity zone», while in the last two seasons, the former League of Nations partition belly was born two Super Bowl runner-up team. And this season, Namashi seems to have three teams to advance to the playoffs. The Focus Battle of the last week of the regular season is a brothers and brothers from the Falcon and the Black Leopard.

In this week’s team training, 11-to-11 offensive drills, Doucte knees were seriously injured, and they were sent to the farm by the staff. After examination, his injuries were diagnosed as the ACL Torn of the right knee, which would be subject to surgery, which means he will miss this season.

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