In the past six weeks, Stewart led the entire alliance, and each game can get a promotion distance from 100 yards. And starting from the thirteenth week, Newton and Stewart average the total and can reach 148 yards, exceeding Wilson and Linqi’s 132 yards.

Romo four times to reach the cowgirl reverse giant

NFL 12th Weekday Night Tournament was held at the same partial Dallas Deni from the New York Giant. Cowboy has previously 7 wins and 3 losses of the 2nd, the third, the giant team, 3 wins, 7 negative rankings # 3. Cowboy is urgently needed to catch a victory to catch up with the Philadelphia Eagle in Titan, Sunday. The giant team has taken over Odel Beckham this competition, and the first half of the individual won 2 buses. The denim struggled and completed 4 times of passing by Romo to achieve reversal, and finally defeated the giant team at 31 to 28 away.

And the black panther also has a good achievement. In the last five games in the regular season, the black panther’s rookie angle Wi-Benne-Ben & Eacute; Benwikee is second only to Chris Harris, Ayt-group.Net Denver Horse, and the latter has been selected All star. Newton’s performance is relatively stable, his number of copies has been basically unchanged in the past three years, but the number of killed has been increasing, but since 2011, only Tom Brady And the opponent Wilson led the team in December and January, the number of times the team won more than Newton.

Cowboys quarterback Prescott will be suspended for several days pass training

US training time Wednesday, Cowboys quarterback Nasdaq — Prescott (Dak Prescott) left early due to injury training. Coach Mike — after McCarthy (Mike McCarthy), said Prescott will «pause a few days’ training pass.

Johnson 40 yards sprint 4.24 seconds have been maintained for 8 years, last year JJ Nelson (JJ Nelson) is 4 milliseconds from this record, two years ago, Acri Archer is the closest to this record & mdash; & mdash 4.26 seconds. If in the physical measurement, someone can break the Johnson 40-yard sprint record, Adidas will provide 1 million US dollars as a reward (however, this reward has a rule to wear adidas’s shoes to break the record to win).

Since the identity of the three-round show, Wilson has made 53 first quarter-off. His Hawks are in a leading position in almost any data. The Hawks have been three consecutive years of the most efficient team, and has become the first team that has fallen in three consecutive years after the 1969-79 Minnesotidian team; they are also the 1976 Pittsburgh Steelman Team Then, the first team in the last six games in the regular season is less than 40.

New York Giants is very disappointed with the team offensive group

New York Giants’ main coach — McCadu (Ben McAdoo) does not need to watch the competition, it is very clear that the team’s bad performance of our team Sunday.

Pyer created a record of the bucket in the body test, in 2011, 225 pounds Pago completed 49 times, pushed 4 times from 2000 Leif Larson45, 2006 Mike Kudla, Ohio State University And the Mitch Petrus at the University of Arkansas also completed 49 boots.

After the confusion of the season, the Black Pantles and the Haiying team have successfully squeezed into the playoffs. The Hawks have achieved six consensus, with an average of 15 points per game; and the black panther is also a winning five games, with an average of 16 points per net winner. Like the Hawks, the black panther’s offensive group has a good athletic ability, and likes the four-point guard of the ball, there are some good external connections. On the other hand, the black leopard’s defensive group also has a good performance. It can be said to pass the defense of the ball. It is also the fastest combination of union, and continues to feel pressure. Under the leadership of Slen McDermott, the Leopard’s defensive in the league is the first class, but if compared, the defenders of the opponent Hawie are more winning, which can be said to be since 2000 The Baldo crow is the best after the team.

In the next year of Black Ward — Beyu, Maryland offensive the front line Bruce Campbell once again showed excellent physical fitness, 6 feet 6 inch (198 cm) height, 314 pounds (142 kg) weight The 40-yard sprint has been a good grade for 4.85 seconds (it is the best results in the front line). Campbell entered the fourth round of draft through excellent physical measurement, and he was selected by the raid.

This game, Eli Manning 40 passed the ball to complete 29 times to win 338 yards and have 3 times and 1 time being copied, the external handle Baker Ham 10 times a 146 yards and 2 times Array. Cowboy Romo 26 times completed 18 times to win 275 yards and 4 times, Murray 24 times, the 121 yards, another 22 yards of the ball, Bryant 7 times The lower 86 yards and 2 times. After this game, the denim and the Eagle team were 8 wins and 3 losses, ranked second in the country of China in half a disadvantage.

How to become a round of show from a primary school? Focus on physical test, this is how Rogers-Clo Mati did. He was flattened at the second line defensive defender, and he created the fourth good score (4.33 seconds) in the 40-yard sprint. With excellent performance in physical test, Klomati became a long period. Excellent physical test indicates that after the excellent performance in the alliance, Klomi has entered a professional bowl twice, and has played two super bowls, once in the Red Champion team, in the wilderness team.

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