The two members of the Haiying attack front line confirmed this week.

The blessing is unparalleled, the disaster is not single, the Seattle Sea Eagle once again suffered injuries on the offensive front line. Central Marx — Max Unger and best cheap jerseys Zucell Okung will absent this week’s key game with Arizona. The only good news is that the right striker J.R. J. R. SWEEZY can be played this week.

Pete Carroll confirmed this news while revealing the outer handle. PAUL RICHARDSON. Alvin Bailey This week will serve Jikun as the left trial. Although Beiler appears to struggle after Bell, Carol is still to find a state through this week’s training. Carol said: «He must now appear as the left disappearance, each gear is very important. His training is very good this week, we are confident in him.»

For wholesale jerseys china us the center candidate, Carol said he did not make a final decision. LeMuel Jeanpierre and Patrick Lewis have the opportunity to start. The Pierre has been the first center of the team in the past 3 weeks, and Lewis started with the colors in the game a month. That game, Russell Wilson was killed 7 times.

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