[Texas News Express] Dezhou People’s Regulations Second Week

The first week of the regular season, two «unexpected» teams, Beijing time will carry out a new game on Friday. Whether it is the last half, replacing the four-point Houston Texas, or the last one-point, the new Sinnati, will take 120% of the strength to avoid the opening of the season. Below, it is a preview of the Temple of Texas.


From all parties, Texas entered the era of first-round Show deshaun Watson & mdash; & mdash; he will start in the game with Meng Hu. From the performance of the first week, Watson is more flexible and confident than Savage. On the one hand, Watson will defensive reading and perform targeted arrangements before kicking; on the other hand, he can calm down the pressure and get rid of the pressure.

However, since the battle period Watson is mainly engaged with the team with the team, it takes some time with the main players. In the last game, he has two or three times with the junction of the external hand / near-end. At the same time, the team also needs to focus on the Watson’s offensive routine, Lamar Miller ground promotion with Play Action, plus the timely Hopkins long attack, it seems to be the most suitable offensive combination.

Due to Texas people’s main force, the Tsun, the Texas came to attack the front line. The last game Texas came from the front line for more than 50 times, including 10 quarters of killing. This game, Meng Hungo Atkins, Carlos Dunlap, Michael Johnson is the performance of the priest, the performance of the Dezhou offensive front line, especially the performance of the two tie Kendall Lamm and Chris Clark, will determine Watson to a large extent. Performance.

Offensive weapons

In the air strike, the outer hand WILL FULLER continues to be injured. How much can I help the team to change more in the attack on the attack, just that his tacit understanding is still not known to the tacit understanding of Watson. The proximal pendant group provided a large number of ball support for quadruptions last season, and the last game, the close-end C. J.fiedorowicz handed over 4 picks 4. Unfortunately, C.J.fiedorowicz entered the IR list due to injury, and the bustling strength of the proximal front group was greatly reduced. The close-end Sanderson has not honored his good ball in the past, and the close-up point of the near-end side can only rely on Griffin.

In terms of ground promotion, Lamar Miller is still the most stable output of the team offensive. New Show D & # 39; Onta Foreman played only 1 file in the last game, which is the purpose of choosing him to share the power of the L. Miller Attack pressure. Moreover, cheap oakley sunglasses china in the preseason game, Foreman has a very good play, holding the ball promotion ability and manufacturing missing ability. This game, the main coach O & # 39; Brien said that it will give him more opportunities. Another running guard Tyler Ervin appeared in the field as a ball weapon. The last game, ERVIN has a total of 3 shocks to advance 8 yards. The 18 yards in 5 picks up 4, and his array position and running route give the other party defensive confusing, fake oakley sunglasses and can be used in short code attacks. The stylist debut.

Changes in defensive groups

Today, there is news, saying that the team main interior guard Brian Cushing will ban the match because of the use of alliance ban, because it is the second time because of the same cause, it will face more severe penalties & mdash; & mdash; 10 games for the ban. Therefore, Zach Cunningham will serve the necklings, and Cunningham performs excellent performance in the last game and completes the cockroach.

J. J.Watt restored from the back injury is obviously still looking for its own state. Although the last game was taken care of by the Jaguji, it was launched from the other side, but the power of the Jiji attacked, but it was able to feel that the power of Watt has not completely come back & mdash; & mdash; in one-on-one cases can not break through The blocking of the offensive cutout. In addition, Watt also hurts his fingers in the game, returning to the locker in the middle of the way, but fortunately. This game will continue to debut.

The last Texas people’s defensive frontline was shocked by the Xirui’s rhetorical runoff Fournette. This game, Meng Tiger Joe Mixon, Giovani Bernard, Jeremy Hill will take a shock to Texas people. In addition, Texas should learn from the crow, continue to pressure to Dalton, effectively preventing the ball attacks of Menghu.

Defensive second-line, although the last performance is still, it is somewhat because the Jague header takes over Robinson will not be injured, and the Jiji is dominated by the ground. The defensive second line of this game will face the challenge of Andy Dalton with A.j.green, Brandon Lafell, Tyler Eifert. This is the new and old angle combination & mdash; & mdash; Jonathan Joseph and Kevin Johnson & mdash; & mdash; the first test of the new season.

The Mon Hu, which is called «Night Blind Tiger», is the main family. Texas can only rely on defense to fight for the offensive group, and the two teams may be struggled to the last wave of attack. The winning issue will be divided. For both parties, this is a can’t afford.

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