Black Leopard defensive guard coach resigned

On Friday, the Carolina Black Panther announced that after an inappropriate behavior is under investigation, the defensive guard coach Kutis-Fuller is resigned.

Tom Brady may be able to accept and have a group of replacement, but he can’t win without Geloski. The near-end arm has become the main bone of the patriot offensive group. In the NFL official website, the patriotic won the championship, the coach Belichick admit that the patriot is the most significant difference between the winning journey and the past failure in the last season lies in the health status of Gronoski.

Black panther spokesman Steven Drummond said: «After exchange with Farler’s coaches, we accepted his resignation. The Fuller coach has been investigated because of inappropriate behavior. Black Leopard will strive to create a safe, comfortable, inclusive work environment, and strive to give all gender, race, skin, religion, and sexual orientation. «

NFL TV reporter Ian Rapoport reported that lightning has lost close-end Hunter, which has lost near-end Hunter-Henry (Jason Verrett) because of significant injuries. Safety Weijun — Watkins, Jaylen Watkins, showed the preceding cross ligament, so that the situation of lightning was frosted. At present, the team has placed Watekins into the injury reserve list.

Thomas’ s total score is still force, but he is very concerned about the state in the late season. The first 12 weeks of Thomas is unable to shake, even if JJ-Watt (JJ.Watt) only got a successful quarter-saving pressure from Thomas. Prior to the thirteenth week, Thomas only allowed the opponent to successfully put pressure on the four-point guard. The ground cover score was a new high since 2009, but the last five weeks, Thomas has never had it since entering the alliance. Obvious landslide. After the five weeks, he made a total of 8 success on the four-point guard, ranked 17th in the League, which was completely complete in the 17th week of the Mosaus crow, 4 times, let the other party successfully press, let each other Complete the killing. The original excellent ground opening capacity is also a thousand feet, ranking 51 in the 75 qualified entry ranking offense cut off. The total comment of the next five weeks can only be placed in the 41st place of attack cut off, and there is no dominant who is ignored before.

Fortunately, the knee injury of this near-ended front did not seem to look so serious. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapople reported that the Gronoski knee is slightly sprained according to the informed message, and is absent for a week.

Has the top offensive cut Timas have entered the recession?

Joe Thomas, Joe Thomas, is the first offensive of the active parties. Since the entry of the Alliance in 2007, it has always maintained efficient and extremely stable play. Every season, the ratings are the leader, can It is one of the strongest attacks in history. His performance last season seems to be either, but it can be seen from some details from the end of the season.

As a three-year show in 2015, Wo Ford is poor last season, he played 13 games, only completed 9 batches, advanced 80 yards. Then the brain shock into the injury reserve list. But he still has a considerable foreground, it should soon find the next home.

After cutting this 26-year-old near-end, the raid will receive a salary space of $ 1.9 million. Due to another near-ended Cook, Jared Cook will take up $ 5.7 million salary space, the raid people cannot retain these two near-ends.

The proximal front of Gulithi will be the most absence one week

When the near-ended Robert Grono Rob Gronkowski was painfully fell to the ground, the worst nightmare of each new England patriot fans became true. They don’t want to see that Gronoski is also fallen by injuries.

For this unexpected state, there are many reasons to explain, such as Brown’s four-point guard too bad, and he also claims that it has been injured, and the five weeks in Balorobier and Baltimore Square strength of the strength of the strength. However, this sudden retreat is indeed worthy of attention, considering that his age has entered 30 years old, this super offensive is probably indeed begun to enter the recession.

However, Lin Qi did not communicate with the reporters at all. When he was ready to leave the corridor, he met a female reporter and took the initiative to hear: «Hey, beauty, what is busy?» But the female reporter is clearly not bought, «It’s working.»

Racing of the raid to Claif Wofford

Among the Union Annual Meetings held on Tuesday, Jon Gruden, the Auckland raid, expressed his favorite, and revealed that he plans to use a variety of close-end configurations in this season. However, after lunch, the raid person cut off a close-end.

Too late, Linqi Media Day is a little temper

Unlike last year, wholesale Jerseys the Seattle Hawk Marshawn Lynch has chosen this year, but & hellip; & hellip; from the beginning, he repeated the same content & mdash; & mdash; «I won’t be fined because of me NS».

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