Chicago bear bears Jaffi calf injured

Chicago Bear John John Fox (John Fox) until the first preseason of Thursday evening team revealed that the team’s top take-up Alshon Jeffery was trained in the nearest training camp. .

Fox did not mention Jeffrey’s injuries in the last training on Tuesday. The bear team held a closed warm-up training at Wednesday before participating in the first episode.

Missing the bear with the victory of the Miami dolphin with 27-10, wholesale nfl jerseys outlet holds the crutches and wears protects the boots to secure his leg injury. «He was injured before we returned to Chicago,» Fox said. «He will be observed every day.»

Fox said he could not determine when Jeffrey was able to train back to return. «He will return to the training base because he has to treat treatment,» Fox said. «But I can’t say when he will return to the training ground. I will let you get new news.»

The 25-year-old Jeffrey completed 85 battles in the last season to get 1133 yards 10 times. He became the fourth player in the history of two consecutive seasons. He also had eight games in eight games in his career.

Jeffrey is an external walk from the second year of injuries that have been trained by injuries this summer. This year, the first round of Xiuhou, Kevin White, was started to begin training camp because the humeral injury was injured. Before the start of this preseason, I can see White walking slowly on the court, wholesale nfl jerseys cheap but he still can’t run full speed.

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