Dolphins main running guards this week

Miami Dolphin Run Wei Sano Zhenne-Moreno is expected to return after three weeks of injury, and come back in the game of Green Bay packaging. Dolphins have labeled Maleno as «very likely to play.»

A red skin fans expressed dissatisfaction, and then the eagle fans tried to conflict with this red leather fan, fortunately, the fans around were stopped in time, the conflict ended in a short period of time.

Moreno left Denver wild horse in this year, Miami’s dolphins signed a year of short, this season, the first game was taken as a 134-yard of 1 Dalian score, helping the team to overcome New England. patriot.

Bristed plans to stay in Sainted a few years? His contract will expire after the end of the 2019 season. He may end in the season, but it seems that he and the saints have been prepared for him to leave the team.

Pete Carroll confirmed this news while revealing the outer handle. PAUL RICHARDSON. Alvin Bailey This week will serve Jikun as the left trial. Although Beiler appears to struggle after Bell, Carol is still to find a state through this week’s training. Carol said: «He must now appear as the left disappearance, each gear is very important. His training is very good this week, we are confident in him.»

In addition to this is a great gift, Bris’s message is also very deep. This is Brisked recently admitted that he has been adjacent to the end of the most important athlete Cheap jerseys from China New Orleans. Some people in social media have said Brisers can pass the relay stick to Willianson, but Bris is so significant.

Detroit Lion is currently 3 wins and 3 wins, last week they ushered in a rare rest, and then the previous week of the game, they lost to the New Orleans Saints. The lion is good at completing the countercecation. Although this game has failed to complete the big reversal, they have lost 35 points behind the game, and they only fall behind when they end the game. The lion quarter-point guards — Stafford faces the Saint 312 yards and 3 passes to Deta. And the second grade defensive cutaway A Schin Robinson completed the first copy of the career in the competition and finally returned to get a time. The lion team hopes that the bottom is rebounded, and the advantage of the playoffs can be grabbed. The steel man can be careful.

The two members of the Haiying attack front line confirmed this week.

The blessing is unparalleled, the disaster is not single, the Seattle Sea Eagle once again suffered injuries on the offensive front line. Central Marx — Max Unger and Zucell Okung will absent this week’s key game with Arizona. The only good news is that the right striker J.R. J. R. SWEEZY can be played this week.

For the center candidate, Carol said he did not make a final decision. LeMuel Jeanpierre and Patrick Lewis have the opportunity to start. The Pierre has been the first center of the team in the past 3 weeks, and Lewis started with the colors in the game a month. That game, Russell Wilson was killed 7 times.

Molano has been in a stamped state since the second week of injury, until this week he began to participate in the team’s training, but he said that the elbow of the injury made him very uncomfortable, when he was asked When the elbow is troubled, he replied: «All are troublesome.»

The ground offensive performance of this season is excellent, and the number of 143.2 yards in the game is ranked fifth, the first running Wiramal Miller Miller and Maleno will be the severe challenge of the package. The floor defensive row of the package this season is first in the league.

[Event Prevent] Regular season 8th week Sunday Night steel people @ 狮

This week’s Sunday season will be a four-year downtime, which is challenge the Detroit Lion by the Pittsburgh Steelman. In the face of the lion, the steel man has achieved 4 consecutive victories, I don’t know if the Lion can end this embarrassment.

The Pittsburgh steel man took 5 wins and 2 negative collar Mei Lianbei District, hoping to get 3 consecutive victories on the road. Last week, Pittsburgh defeated Cincinnati, quad-savingly — Rosreisberg came out of two times, running DVR — Bell got the 192 yard mix code. Bell can get at least 190 yards of mixed code in the past two weeks. There are at least 185 yards of mixed codes in 3 games this season. With the four-point guard «big book» gradually retrieved, the steel man’s offensive Trident continued to show a powerful firepower to his opponents. In the case of other opponents in the same area, the steel man promoted the season. The hope of the game is getting bigger and bigger.

The jet is until a night of dolphin next Monday, so Wilkson will have an extra day, the jet (2 wins and 9 losses) have a relaxed training in Wednesday, then because Thanksgiving will have a rest, after this Training will be prepared for the competition on Friday. JACE AMARO is also in question. He is hurt in the head in the game, and will be evaluated by the NFL’s brain oscillation.

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