In 2013, the first round of the first round of the first round, the Richardson selected by Richardson became the best defensive player in the rookie season, and he was selected in the second season. He is widely considered to be one of the most talented guards in the alliance.

However, Morris did not get a sufficient appearance opportunity in the 2014 season, then he joined cowmen in a 2 year of 3.5 million US dollars but failed to compare with his first three seasons. He only completed 243 yards.

It is reported that the cowbois wants to send away their own professional bowls to run to Alfred Morris. Due to the emergence of Elliot, Morris can’t get more time, and he has been revenue last year of 1.2 million. Dollar bill.

In the past two seasons in the past two seasons, the news outside the Richardsonfield is more concerned than the performance on his field, so he does not have some teams sought after as expected. In the past two seasons, he only got averaged 1.25 times a season, 8 times a season, and at the 2014 and 2015 season he had averaged 6.5 times averaged 18 hit four-point guard.

The lion is the first running guards Ameer Abdullah) Since the foot is placed in the injury reserve list. New Xiu Dewen — Dwayne Washington is troubled by ankle injury. West Oly-Risiki is a player who is engaged in running guards instead of impact on Middle Road. Zach Zenner has proven that there is no excellent performance after the preseason.

Viking Word announced the defending frontline player Shelton Richardson, which was once the effectiveness of the Seattle Hawks and New York jet. The contracts signed by both parties were one year, with a value of 8 million US dollars, calculated that the value of the prize was up to 11 million US dollars.

This is an important point of view. In fact, the alliance is currently drafting, and the alliance law enforcement officers may not appear in the regulations of Las Vea during the competition. But from the current union behavior, nfl Jerseys is in non-stop and gambling.

Lot said: «I am worried that the relocation will become the stain of the game. I mean that the player is allowed to show yourself at a high level of performance in the game, I remember that when I first entered the league, some things were players You can do it, some things can’t be there in any of your game activities. In that city is full of temptation and challenge, they can gamble on anything in the world, because there is a professional person to do this. Work.»

Since the performance broke out in 2014, Fost is hard to find a mushroom space & mdash; & mdash; perhaps this is related to the crow replacement offensive coordinator for & mdash; & mdash; he has an average of 4.06 yards per shock in 13 games.

The order of the appearance is better Tenne West, Kenneth Dixon, and the Buck Allen, Buck Allen. The crow cut him so that he can join the team with the opportunity to appear. He should get a chance to get in the lion.

DESMONT TRUFANT was absent from the brain to the game. However, at the press conference on Monday, Dan Quinn, Dan Quinn, said that Trufte has passed the brain shock, as long as there is no other problem in the next few days, it can return, with Robert Alford (Robert Alford) ) Let the provincial challenge together.

Richardson will defensive disappearance in Viking, Defensive Pathfalls, Joseph, Daniel, and Daniel, Taniel — Hunval Hunter) partner. If you are good at defensive tactics, Mike Zimmer can stimulate Richardson’s huge potential, and Viking will have the most destroyed defensive front line of the alliance.

The lion is the 23rd, the winner is 89.8 yards. In the absence of Abdullah in the past three games, the number of Wrong Squares only worst 65.3 yards & mdash; & mdash; in these three games, each game is four-point guards — Sta Matthew Stafford is a number of people in the team.

At present, NFL and NFL players will have not reached an agreement on some of the housing, but according to the labor agreement, the team has the right to report. If the team does not follow the health and safety regulations, the players may file a complaint.

The adverse effects of Ronter Lotry worried raiders moved to the casino

Famous players Ronnie Lott Month About Auckland raids move to Las Vegas, don’t joke, in fact, the front raid and San Francisco’s 49 people are very worried about the team after the relocation. Poor effect.

Emirates and Texas people’s new show will report to the training camp next Monday

Kansas City Chief and Houston Texas notify the respective rookie players training camps will be carried out as scheduled.

NFL TV Network Reporter Ian Rapoport and Tom Pelissero reported that the chief has notified the rookie, some old players and quadrants reported to accept new crown viruses on Monday. They subsequently accept physical examination and trial equipment on Tuesday and Wednesday, and the remaining players reported on July 25.

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