Days Mend — Chu Fangte is the next top corner guard?

Regarding Dashimon-Chu Fangte, cheap football jerseys from china we have written such a paragraph in the «New Year’s Day Best Defensive Xiu Season»: «He has not sounded in the disaster season of the Falcon. I didn’t attract how many people pay attention, but when the season is at the end of the season, his excellent performance has made everyone a look. «

The entire 2013 season, the performance of this young Falcon Corner can only use a word: amazing. Especially in the second half of the season, Chu Fangte strongly ended, the total summation of the last six in the regular season was divided into +9.9, and it was also aneited to the best defensive new show we have brought.

The total comment of Chu Fangte last season ranked all the heroes seventh, and his destruction of the pass is a crowning alliance. Since the new season, he still continued his good state. The first two weeks of total commentary column all the corner of the fifth, the two games only let the opponent get 4 games 66 yards on their heads, and average every 16.8 times Covering the defense to let the other party successfully brought the ball once, the only beauty is the 50-yard pass cheap nfl jerseys for sale the Mohamedsanu in the second week of facing Menghu, which is not intended to pass the 50-yard passed that Brandon Tate .

Due to falcon defense, Chu Fangte may still be ignored by people. However, this week’s week, the close-up of the Pirate of Pirates, the Thursday night game should be a great stage for Chu Fangte. The United States and even the world’s fans will witness the collision of this 6-foot corner guard and wholesale cheap football jerseys pirate two 6-inch 5-inch large external combination. Interestingly, Chu Fangte has the best and wholesale nfl jerseys free shipping worst two games are giving the pirates. This second-year life has any new performance on Thursday, worth looking forward to.

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