Vikings tight end and Rudolf contract talks broke intends to deal

Beijing May 12 hearing when the Minnesota Vikings in a second-round draft pick tight end small Efu — after Smith (Irv Smith Jr.), immediately there were reports that veteran Kyle — Rudolph (Kyle Rudolph) will have It may be traded.

Rudolph in 2014 signed a five-year contract extension, and now he enters the final year of his contract. This year his salary to $ 7.6 million, making him the Vikings offense set the fifth highest paid player.

Orr last season and the black panther signed a contract for a 2-year value of $ 7 million, before he was cut off after Tennessee Titan’s disappointment. When his career looks close to the end, he recovered again.

Since I was selected by Dallas, I was selected by Dallas Cowboy, I didn’t have a four-defense hope. Since then, Romo understands that he needs to perform perfect in training, this is the beginning of his efforts.

Capenik said: «I didn’t feel that I can’t breathe, so I didn’t understand this decision and this statement.» Relevant persons believe that Tom Sula is in order to adjust the psychological state of Cape Nick, It is also shared in such a season attempted to rebuild. But Capenke believes: «I don’t believe in pressure. For me, I have played a whole season, I have been successful, my psychological stress I have experienced, and I was not an incompetent person. «

30-year-old Or Ol performance is stable in the cost of panther. The tactical system of the black panther is beneficial to him. The black Leopard not only has a variety of flush tactics, but also the body and mushroom capacity of the four-point guards, and the power of the opponent’s ball shock. The Black Panther will require Orr to stand in the opposite side of the opponent when Buffton is later. 7 steps.

Romo said: «I just entered the training camp for a few days, I am a bit nervous but I feel perfect. I can’t do something wrong everything, I want to learn how to do more perfect How to become more stable and faster. I still remember that I was sitting in the hotel in the hotel. I feel that my whole life is in those moments. «

We will soon be over the age of 30, Rudolf since the mid 2014 season in recent years have not missed a game and his performance is not much decline. He finished last season made 64 catches for 634 yards 4 touchdowns, and in 2017 he was elected to the Pro Bowl.

Since the Viking candidates since 2011 in the second round of the draft, Rudolph’s catch touchdowns (41 times) all ranked fourth tight end, the ball number (386) ranked No. 10, the ball a few yards (3787 yards) ranked 12th.

The game is not controversial. At the time of 14:44, Melvin helped lightning to expand score advantage (20-3), but before the offense, Gordon lost at the end of the terminal. For the control of the ball, the right of the ball was obtained by the crow, and the defenders also completed the backcross. However, after the recording is played back, the referee believes that Gordon has been protected into the ground, and the crow has also been blowing.

Romo said: «If I don’t play in NFL, then I will return to Wisconsin to do a professional golf assistant.» In fact, Romo’s sniper race is a player of the PGA Golf Event, his golf level is also quite well.

At the end of the first half, Jackson passed 8 times, only 2 times, pushed 17 yards, was copied, and the quarterfielding points were at least 0 points. The front of the crow is three times, and the last time the ball is taken by the lightning player Melwen — Melvin Ingram. Lightning is attacked cheap jerseys from china the crow 15 yard line, and then the free kick score is completed.

Katnik: Decisions do not understand the coach

This week, San Francisco’s 49th coach Jim Tom Sula (Jim Tomsula) decided to be a substitute for the four-dimensional Kaepernick. For this decision, the explanation given by Tom Sula is: «Let him withdraw his step and breathe.» Local time on Friday, Katni said in an interview, did not agree with the instructor.

[Event Review] Bayerry 5 times free ball shoot, lightning 23-17 overcome the crow

Relying on excellent defensive, Los Angeles Lightning will limit the rookie four-dimensional Tmar Jackson to the ground attack. When Jackson finds back the passenger, the game time is not enough to let him complete the turn.

wholesale nfl jerseys television reporter Ian — Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) according to people familiar with news reports said after the Vikings and Rudolph’s contract negotiations broke down on Friday morning, the Vikings might trade him. Union does have the team intends to Rudolph.

The eagle is working hard to strengthen the squid attack

On June 22, the eagle selected his own team of squatts. Carson Wentz, this year, in order to help him alleviate the burden, they have to strengthen the squash attack.

In the fourth quarter, the lightning has been 28-3 points. Jackson completed 2 passes of twice in the fourth quarter, making the score more close. However, when I held the ball last time, Jackson finally showed the tenderness of the rookie four-defense. He once again lost the ball (the third time), so that the game completely lost the suspense.

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